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At Stonehouse Insurance Services, we see the Entertainment, Sports, and Recreation related business’s, as an integral part of society. Where would all the fun be in life without what each one of these industries bring to our cities, and our communities. We also know as an agency, that each one of these businesses have many potential risks, that if not carefully mitigated, and prepared for, can be costly, and can truly cause long term effects to any owner and their assets. As an agency we work hand in hand with the nation’s top companies that specialize in offering you select coverage plans fit to your industry.

Some of our key business types we insure are:

  • Golf Courses & Resorts, Camping Resorts and Retreat Centers
  • Trampoline Parks, Rock Climbing Gym’s, Theme Parks
  • Martial Arts Studios
  • Sports Clubs/Gym’s, Ballet Studios
  • Large Fairs/Events, Food & Wine/Beer Events, Horse
  • Ranches/Horse Back Riding
  • Production Companies, Film Industry/Videography Studios, Museums

Please call or email one of our business insurance specialists, that we may help you chose an insurance plan that’s right for your new business, or let us offer you a free portfolio review of your current insurance plan and policies.