Our mission at Stonehouse Insurance Services is grounded in the phrase, “Uberrima Fides” which is Latin for the term “always faithful”. The phrase actually derives from the ancient insurance contractual term for being faithful in all insurance agreements. In understanding the history, and priority of insurance in the world, we chose this phrase to be on our company crest, located on our logo, reading “Uberrima Fides”. From our company name, “Stonehouse”, to our crest, we believe what a company lays as their foundation, determines who they are. This motto, is our foundation, it is our life blood as an agency, and it is our promise to you. We believe in the foundational principle of life, to treat others as you desire to be treated, and then go an extra step or two above that. We believe that mission transcends all things, including how we do business, and how we serve your individual insurance needs each and every day. Your individual, family, and business success, security, and your peace of mind, is our number one mission.


"My name is Danny and I operate a private security company called Valley Forge Private Security, Inc. located in Hemet, CA. I really want to thank our insurance agency called Stonehouse Insurance Services, they are a truly professional in structure & in manner as an agency...Josh, really crosses his T's & dots his I's in a real productive & effective business setting. They also really present a cost effective insurance plan and policies that can definitely fit "anybody's" budget.......also, Josh presents a very intelligent and down to earth way in explaining insurance questions and answers. You cannot ask anything better than that !..thanks Josh!"

- Dan Hinojosa, VFPS
“I’ve never had an agent go to bat for me before like Josh & Stonehouse Insurance Services did. I was rear ended by someone and my business vehicle was totaled, and within a few days I got a check for loss work, and a check to buy a new car! I definitely recommend Josh and his team for all your business and personal insurance needs, they are truly a 5-star service agency!"

- Jeff Matuzak, Jeff’s Mobile Windshield Repair
“Josh at Stonehouse Insurance Services has been my agent for nearly three years now, and I couldn't be more happier with the service and quality of options he continuously provides. I send all of my friends his way, and can't say enough great things about him. He is quick to respond, thorough in his questions to ensure he is providing the best coverage for what is needed, and very personable. I also happened to be friends with his wife, and knowing both of them on a personal level assures me even more of the integrity that has built this company. I highly recommend Stonehouse Insurance Services, and I know you won't be disappointed with them!”

- Jenna of Jenna, Joseph Photography