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One of the most exciting industries f
or us to stand behind and insure is the industry of technology. From man landing on the moon, to the iPhone, watching the technological advances of just of the past 100 years alone we have seen some incredible feats of man. This industry, the innovators, the designers, the concept thinkers, from the unknown yet genius sketching on his pad in his garage, to the large national technology manufacturing plant, they are all in so many ways the construct or the circuit board if you will of our society, and without them we couldn't function, we couldn’t enjoy so much of what we hold dear to how we do our everyday life. This industry is one of the most fascinating, and thrilling types of businesses for us at Stonehouse Insurance Services to provide specialized coverages for. At Stonehouse Insurance Services, we understand many of the unique challenges that this industry faces, and have partnered with the nation’s top carriers to insure that your technology business continues to thrive despite the bumps you might meet upon the road of growth and success.

Some of the key technology business’s we provide coverages to are:

  • Software Companies
  • Website Design Companies
  • PC Consulting Companies
  • Technology Manufacturing Plants & Distributors

Some of the key coverages we provide to business owners in this industry are:

  • Data Breach Coverage
  • Product Liability
  • Property Insurance & Equipment Breakdown Coverage
  • Cyber Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Errors & Omissions